Thursday, 7 July 2011

Thursday Thoughts Round 2

So, I was sat here facing a familiar predicament...I wanted to blog but I had NO idea what to write about. Then it hit me...It's Thursday! Now at this point you'll probably be thinking "Well, that's all well and good but what's that go to do with anything?" Well, I'll tell you. As it's Thursday, I can just have a complete ramble, call the resulting post "Thursday Thoughts" and feel absolutely legitimised in doing so :-). So, without further ado, here's what I'm thinking about this Thursday:

  • A Christmas or New Year getaway: Yes, you read that correctly! It may only be July but I'm already skipping forward to December! Why? Because my friends and I have decided that, instead of buying each other Christmas presents and going out for a meal as we usually do, we'll save that money and put it towards a short break together instead. We may not have even booked anything yet, but I'm still getting excited and am already dreaming of roaring log fires, meals gathered around an enormous dining table and maybe even crisp white snow.
  • A job interview: I have my third job interview of the school year tomorrow, and I'm really excited about the opportunity that this post would present me with, as well as really looking forward to meeting the children I'd be working with. If I was successful, I'd be working as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant rather than a teacher, but having enjoyed the 1 to1 and small group work I've done as a TA in the past, I think the HLTA role is one that would suit me really well :-). Wish me luck guys!!
  • All-you-can-eat ice cream and amazing live music: (Fingers crossed) this is where I'll be on July 24th: 

It's Ben and Jerry's Sundae in the Park, a fabulous sounding music festival run by Ben and Jerry's! Basically for under £20, you can go and watch some amazing bands and eat as much Ben and Jerry's ice cream as you can stomach! And if that wasn't enough, there'll also be fairground attractions and loads of other fun activities...I can't wait to ice my own cookies! :-) I won't even mind if it rains...I'll just rock my wellies and waterproofs like the best of them! :-)

  • The fact that it's Friday tomorrow: It's not as if I've had a hard working week or anything, but the thought of the weekend always makes everything feel a little better :-) I don't think I'm doing anything in particular, but that's beside the point...two days of freedom will hopefully be sheer bliss :-)
And they're my Thursday thoughts! :-) What are you thinking about today?

Till next time...xx


  1. Sounds like good thinking to me! I'm thinking about Stargate:SG1 (which I am watching), possibly going op-shopping tomorrow, what I might wear tomorrow, and what I'm going to cook for dinner tomorrow night. Haha, I'm rather boring tonight.

  2. I had a job interview today! Though it didn't go so well as no one was there... I didn't realize the building was still under construction and the interview was actually being held at a different location :/

  3. Stacey: My thoughts aren't normally that interesting lol! Most of the time I'd say they're closer to yours and, to be honest, I think that TV, shopping clothes and food are always good to think about!

    Eva: Oh my gosh, that would have stressed me out so much! Did you manage to get things sorted out in the end? My interview didn't go very well either, as I turned out to be unsuccessful, but good luck to you...I have my fingers well and truly crossed!! :-)