Sunday, 30 June 2013

A picture an hour (well almost!)

Hello! Well my grand blogging plan for this week failed miserably, but better late than never I suppose! Plus the fact that I haven't blogged means that I've still got a whole list of post ideas that I can use over the next few days instead :-). Always looking on the bright side eh! But enough of the waffling now, let's actually get on with the post instead. It's something a little different today as I've decided to do my first ever picture an hour. I've seen lots of these posts floating around the blogosphere and I always enjoy getting an insight into the writer's day. I love how even the everyday things can be beautiful and full of meaning; it's such a contrast to my usual perception of photos only being taken at big occasions and events. Plus, unlike some of my other  posts, this isn't writing heavy which is always a good thing! So here's my pictures, taken last Wednesday. Enjoy!

9 am

A brew, book and biscuits...the perfect way to come round of a morning :-)

10 am

Tea and toast in bed...I promise I did get up not long after this picture was taken!

11 am

A post shower selfie; this is the least scary looking one I got!

12 pm

My necklace...I'd only just got dressed so it felt appropriate to take a photo of something I was wearing!

1 pm

Reading and commenting on some of my favourite blogs...the perfect way to spend part of my afternoon :-)

2 pm

Yellow iris in my back garden. I spent ages trying to capture an image where you could see the bee that had landed on it too, but I don't think it really worked :-(

3 pm

Shopping! Well more like browsing in my case as I didn't actually buy anything but I still enjoyed visiting one of my favourite outlet shops.

4 pm

No picture this hour I'm afraid. I somehow didn't manage to get one in in time!

5 pm

Starting the mammoth task of clearing one of my email inboxes. Needless to say I didn't get very far!

6 pm

Writing my wish list from the new Avon brochure that had been delivered the night before. Expect a haul post when the order comes through!

7 pm

Love summer evenings...check out that beautiful mackerel sky!

8 pm

Getting ready for work, these are just some of the things you'll find in my bag on any work day.

9 pm

Playing Cluedo with some of the family, I really don't play enough board games.

10 pm

Almost bedtime, as I needed to be up at 5:45 the next day :-(.

And there you have it! Hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into my Wednesday off work. If you have, let me know! Or tell me what you've been up to lately. You know I love your comments!

'Til next time...


  1. I have really been wanting to do something like this!

    Come enter my Riffraff Clothing giveaway and win a $30 credit for pretty clothes!

    1. You should, it'd be great to see your pictures! Plus I did actually have a lot of fun doing it, I enjoyed trying to find the best pictures that summed up each hour even if some of them were quite boring!