Thursday, 29 April 2010

There must be an angel...

or something looking out for me today. Remember last night where I posted this...I was feeling pretty low, to say the least. And after spending a restless night where I didn't get to sleep till after midnight, and kept waking up from 5:30 onwards, I wasn't feeling much better this morning. Then when I got lost on my way to the school and arrived with 15 minutes to spare, I was panicking even more. But, for some reason today, I had no reason to be stressed...because someone up there was looking out for me. Maybe they knew that I needed someone to be gentle with me today, or maybe I'm being silly and it was just pure luck or something that I'd done differently...but the class were great. Absolutely fantastic and I wasn't expecting them to be. It made my job so much easier and more enjoyable that I could have kissed practically every one of them!

But it wasn't just that that makes me think I had an extra little help today...half way through the morning, the school secretary passed me a message to let me know that someone had found my purse and had handed it into the nearby high school, mistakenly thinking that I worked there. The school knew I didn't, but managed to contact my old employer (the school that I also happened to attend when I was a child), who then contacted my mum, who rang the school I was at so they could pass the message on! Oh, yeah and the General Teaching Council for England somehow got involved too (their card was in my purse) though I'm not quite sure how. I'm just overwhelmed that so many perfect strangers went to so much trouble for helped to restore my soul a little more.

So to whoever or whatever was looking out for me today, I'd like to say a massive thank you! I don't often pray and I certainly wasn't doing last night (well, not consciously anyway) but I really feel that someone, somewhere knew that I needed help and was able to arrange it for me. I didn't really think that I believed in divine intervention up till now...but I may be changing my mind just a little :-)


  1. It's always great when small things like this happen. It's reassuring in so many ways!

  2. Wow, makes me feel good too, and I wasn't even there :)

  3. Jennee: It is...I can't tell you how good it made me feel!!

    Elizabeth: I guess it's just one of those kind of tales that puts a smile on your face.One to look back on if ever I'm feeling down methinks :-)