Sunday, 4 October 2009

Highs and Lows of the week!

It's been a couple of weeks since I've done one of these posts so I think it's high time that I did another one. Although this week hasn't been that eventful, there's still been things that have made my high list and others that are definitely on my lows! So, without further ado, here goes:

  • Spending time with friends: although this week hasn't been one of wild nights out (more about that later!), I've still managed to see quite a lot of my friends this week. A group of us went to see Disney on Ice on Thursday (cheesy, but great fun!), I had a dvd night with a couple of my closest friends on Friday and went round to a friend's last night to watch tv. Despite the fact that some of the nights weren't particularly eventful, I've still had a good time as I've been with people that I really enjoy spending time with!

  • Work: On the whole, I'm still enjoying work (although everyone has their off days now and then) and obviously, I'm also enjoying the money that comes with it. As I get paid on a weekly basis, I know I'm never that far away from a payday and it also makes it easier to manage my money! Another thing I've enjoyed about work this week is the fact that all of it was prebooked, so it made my life a whole lot easier in terms of transport (I haven't had to fight through the rush hour!) and also meant that I didn't need to spend my free time planning lesson activities, as prebooked cover generally means that the usual class teacher will have left work for the children.

  • It's October: This might seem like a strange one, it's not as if October's my favourite month or anything but there's a lot about this October that I'm really looking forward to. There's three of my friends' birthdays coming up which means that there'll be three birthday celebrations (yay!) and I'm also going to a Halloween murder mystery party which I'm very excited about! October also means that I'll get my first holiday of the school year... a whole week with nothing to do which will be bliss and it's also when my drama group will start rehearsing for our next show. I haven't seen most of the group members for over a month and I'm really looking forward to spending time with everyone again!

  • Cake Wrecks: I discovered this blog the other day and I absolutely LOVE IT! Nothing else to say about this one really except check it out!


  • Noisy classes: Whilst I haven't had any really difficult classes this week, most of them have been really noisy. Now it's not that I expect children to work in silence all the time or anything like that, but when it gets to the point where a class can't hear the instructions I'm giving or are being so noisy that no-one can possibly be able to concentrate, then we have a problem! I've tried using agreed signals (e.g. hands up, clapping a rhythm etc) to signal that I need a class to stop and listen, rewarding the behaviours I want and simply just waiting for silence but none of these strategies seem to be fully effective! I don't want to resort to shouting over the children, so am searching for other things to try as well. Like I said, it's nothing really major but you'd be surpr. ised how much it can wear you down.

  • Not going out again this weekend: Although it's true that I have enjoyed this weekend and love spending time with my friends regardless of what we do, I'm longing for a proper night out again! It's been about 4 weeks since the fantastic weekend I blogged about here, and since then the furthest I've got on a weekend is a local pub for a couple of drinks! I've also got a great new top and I'm dying for an excuse to wear it! Fingers crossed for next week!!

  • Waiting for buses after work: The sooner I learn to drive the better!! One of the bus routes in my area has recently been changed, and it means that getting to one school in particular has been made a lot more awkward for me. Whilst it's not a million miles away, I don't particularly want to walk back after a long day, but my choice is either that or waiting ages to catch the elusive bus!

So there's my highs and lows for another week. Hope you've all had fabulous weeks, with lots of highs and no real lows to speak of. Till next time...!!

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