Monday, 7 September 2009

Last weekend

Last weekend was a bit of a mixture for generally consisted of quietish, chilled out days mixed with busy nights. I was actually out on both Friday and Saturday night, which hadn't happened for quite a while and I had the best weekend I've had for a long time!

On Friday night, I went for a meal with lots of people from my drama group including one of my closest friends. Apart from driving past the restaurant on the way there (it was very badly signposted!) and having to go for what seemed like miles before we could find a place to turn, it was a fantastic night :-) The food was great and after the meal, there was a disco which meant I did lots of dancing! At one point, the dj played one of the songs that we performed in our last show ('Hot and Cold' by Katy Perry) so most of us got up and did the dance routine that went with it! There were other people copying us on the dance floor and I even clocked some camera flashes going off. It was crazy!!

Saturday was quite quiet, I saw my Grandad and went to the local shops and I was surprised by a text from one of my friends inviting me out for a few drinks that evening at a local cocktail and karaoke bar. Again, the evening got off to a less than perfect start...I didn't get a message telling me my friends would be late until I'd already arrived so I ended up standing outside for about 10 minutes, feeling paranoid that people would think I was a hooker (albeit a very well dressed one!) or something! However, the rest of the night was great. I drank fancy cocktails, ate amazing chinese bar snacks, listened to and sang karaoke and did some very cheesy dancing with my friend E, as well as catching up on my friends' news. 2 of them are planning to rent a flat together (they're bf and gf) and another one has just got a promotion at work so there was a really happy vibe in the air. But despite all this, I think the best bit of the night has to be the arse shaped strawberry that was decorating one of my cocktails! No, seriously...I'd finished the drink and was just about to eat the strawberry when I clocked what shape it was. I showed it to E and we both dissolved into fits of laughter (yes, we're really mature!) before we recovered enough for her to take pictures of it! And to think we've been worried about getting old lately!

Sunday was just a lazy day really. I didn't do much but it was a nice way to round off the weekend. I haven't had any work today and I hate having to get up just in case I get an early morning call but at least I can look back on my weekend and smile lol! :-)

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