Thursday, 3 September 2009

Beauty bits!

As I'm sitting here, waiting for a phone call that probably won't come (oh, the joys of supply teaching at the start of term!), I thought I'd write a post that's a little bit different. My guilty pleasures are fashion and beauty blogs, and on browsing some of them I noticed they'd done a survey of what products they were using at the moment. I thought it was a really good idea for a blog entry, so without further ado, here's mine:

What I'm using at the moment

Shampoo: Alternating between Dove Colour Repair Therapy and Alberto Balsam Tea Tree Tingle

Conditioner: Dove Colour Repair Therapy and Avon Naturals Soothing Tea Tree and Mint

Styling Products: Umberto Giannini Flirty Curls Scrunching Jelly

Shower Gel: I have loads on the go but the two I probably use most frequently are Palmolive Naturals Ultra Moisturising Shower Milk and Tesco Fresh Lime Body Wash

Body Scrub: Alternate between Pure Indulgence Love Life Love Chocolate body scrub and Naturals body scrub (I don't remember to use them very often though!)

Bath Products: Again, I don't have a bath very often but I'm currently using Whispers Cream Foam Bath when I do

Deodorant: Sure Cotton Fresh Roll On

Body Moisturiser: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

Fake Tan: Don't use

Cleanser: Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming Face Wash

Facial Moisturiser: Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturiser

Facial Exfoliator: Don't use

Hand Cream: Again, another product I don't use nearly as much as I should, but when I do I use either Whispers Hand Lotion or Nivea Hand Nourishing Cream:

Primer: None

Foundation: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Cameo

Concealer: Natural Collection Coverup Cream in Light (?) or Medium

Powder: Don't use

Blusher: Natural Collection Cream Blusher (not sure what the shade is called but it's a pinky brown colour lol!)

Bronzer: FCUK Bronzer

Highlighter: Don't use

Eyeshadow Base: None

Eyeshadows: Bobbypin Eyeshadow Collection

Eyeliner: None

Eyelash Curlers: Don't use

Mascara: Benefit Bad Gal

Lipstick: Bourjois Lovely Brille in Rose Balneaire or 17 Shine On Lipstick in Bon Bon

Lipgloss: Bourjois Eau de Gloss in Rose Vitamine

Lip Balm: Dermalogics Lip Care or Vaseline Lip Therapy with SPF 15 (Sun Protection)

Nail Colour: OPI Nail Lacquer in Coral Reef

So this is me! Someone who is extremely loyal to some products (e.g. my scrunching jelly, body moisturiser and foundation) but will experiment with a range of brands when it comes to others e.g shower gel, deodorant and nail colour. I am also someone who buys/receives a lot of products then hardly ever uses them, and I'm on a bit of a mission to change that at the moment! That's why I'm trying to remember to use body scrub and hand cream and to take more baths (I have loads of half empty bottles of bath foam!)

And finally...this post has taken me much longer to write than I thought, so it's now 9:10 and still no call (which I'm actually quite relieved about!). I'll give it till about 9:30, then change into my


  1. Hehe you sound like me. Although some of my hair stuff has changed recently due to having my locks chopped off. Lee Stafford Messed Up Putty is fabtastic :P

  2. Thanks for the tip...might have to try it, though I don't know if I could give up my Umberto Giannini lol! xx