Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Weekend stuff

Yeah, I know it's Tuesday already but yesterday was a bank holiday, so technically this is the first day of the new week lol! It was a pretty chilled weekend as far as they go, but I still managed to have fun!

There's nothing to report from Friday night (I just had a quiet evening in) but on Saturday night, I went over to the house of 2 of my friends who were having a joint birthday party. I ate pizza and cake, drank wine, chatted and watched tv and generally had a great time :-) Also, before I had to go out, I managed to catch a bit of the X Factor on tv...the auditions are always my favourite bit of the whole series and I absolutely loved this group in particular :

I'm not the world's biggest Britney fan, but I love how the girls have arranged this song and completely made it their own. What do you think?

Sunday, I had a pretty lazy day but then had a very short notice phone call at night inviting me to the cinema where I ended up watching "Funny People". This was a bit of a compromise, as my girl friend and I wanted to watch "The Ugly Truth", our male friend wanted to see "Inglourious Basterds" and neither of us wanted to swap! I thought the film was ok, but not at all what I was expecting. I thought it would be a light hearted comedy, and in parts it was, but other bits were much darker. In my opinion, it was also too long...it seemed to drag in parts, without developing the story. If I had to give it a rating, I'd probably say 5 out of 10.

Yesterday, a few friends and I went to the bank holiday funfair at a local park. I went on the waltzers and dodgems and it was fun acting like a complete kid again. We then went for a pub lunch and back to one of their houses (the friends I saw on Saturday) for birthday cake (yum!) and Disney trivial pursuit...which was far too hard...you'd have to be a real Disney buff to stand a chance of winning!

Anyway, it's back to reality now...the primary schools in my area go back on Thursday, and even though there might not be much supply work around at first, I'll still need to be prepared and up early just in case! Well, I suppose the holidays can't last forever lol!


  1. I loved that group too, I'm not a Britnet fan but their take on the song was ace.
    I thought 'The Stunners' were absolutely gorgeous too lol.

  2. Yeah, they were really classy birds! ;-) I can't believe they didn't get through lol!