Wednesday, 23 September 2009

What's-in-my-wardrobe Wednesday: Spotlight on Next

Like many other bloggers around at the minute, I've been inspired to write a themed series of posts, and as I love all things style shopping related...welcome to What's-in-my-wardrobe Wednesday! I'm not sure if this is going to be a regular series of posts yet, but in it I'm aiming to include posts on any new items I buy, as well as items on old favourites that I absolutely love and maybe even some of my top fives in various categories.

So to kick off, I'm focusing on some of my recent purchases from Next/Next Clearance as this gives me the chance to blog about my latest clothes/shoes purchases which I mentioned here, as well as sharing a couple of pictures of possibly my favourite pair of shoes at the mo.

Without further's the clothes first:

Cream bow neck top...despite the slightly dodgy picture, this is really lovely on! I've already worn it once for work, and then to the pub in the evening and think it's a really versatile piece that can be worn for lots of different occasions.

Cream top with black waterfall (?) front detail... I was initially attracted to this top because of its interesting front detailing and also its slightly unusual shape. The picture, unfortunately, isn't the best, but again the top is really flattering to wear. I can see myself wearing this for an evening out, maybe with my indigo skinnies and the shoes I'm going to show you in a bit. The final reason I love this top is because of the back...

It has an exposed zip, which I think is quite cool and is also apparently really 'in' at the mo.

Remember this post about my grey high tops? Well, I think I might have found a new love...while these pumps will never replace them, they're the best distraction I've found in a long search:

And finally comes a pair of shoes that I absolutely adore! They're about the comfiest high heels I've ever owned, they're shiny (and dare I say, a little bit sexy!) and they have a ribbon tie and a spotty inside. In short, they're just about perfect for me! What do you think of these babies??:

Not the best pic, but you can see the spotty insides and the ribbons!

And finally a side view, showing one of them in all her glory (yes, my shoes are female, deal with it!)

So, all that's left to say is thanks for reading my first What's-in-my-wardrobe Wednesday (that's assuming that anyone other than me has done!)...hope you enjoyed it! :-)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes! ALSO the waterfall thing in the front is spectacular! I will have to live vicariously through your clothes as I cannot even imagine a day when I can buy something new or in style. hahaha

  2. Loving the shoes!
    And the theme is a great idea :)

  3. i LOVE the shoes as well! and they are sexy but not too much lol. i am still on the hunt for comfy heels myself

  4. Dara...thank you! Fingers crossed you'll get that job soon and maybe there might be a little money left over to treat yourself! :-)

    Girl of Make Believe...Thanks...I've been wanting to do a themed post for a while, but have only just got round to it! I'm thinking of maybe doing some more themed stuff, but I'm not quite sure what the theme will be yet.

    Michelle...I completely agree! It is really difficult finding comfy heels's only taken me 25 years! ;-)