Sunday, 20 September 2009

Highs and lows of the week

So Sunday's come around again and I can't believe there's only a few hours left of my's gone so fast! :-( But nevertheless, here we are which means just one thing... it's time for my weekly round up! It's been a busy, and occasionally stressful week, but I've still found time for some fun, so what better place to tell all than in a list of highs and lows!


  • Working...this has made me happy for three main reasons. Firstly, you'll know from this post that I'd had some problems with my work situation recently. However I'm now pleased to report that they've now been resolved and I've been able to continue working as a supply teacher without worrying I'm doing something illegal! Secondly, in this post I mentioned how nervous I was about my first day back at work since July. Luckily, things weren't half as bad as I thought they might be. There were times when managing behaviour was a bit of a struggle and I'm sure that I didn't always handle things as well as I could have done, but on the whole things went well and I feel happier about the career choice I've made. There were many times over the last two years when I questioned my abilities as a teacher and wondered whether I'd be better off doing something else altogether, but now I feel more confident that I will be able to become a good teacher. I know I'm always going to be on a learning curve and that it's early days yet, but it's nice to feel positive for a change! Finally, work=money! As I haven't worked for over 2 months, I was starting to feel slightly concerned over my financial situation. Luckily, I'm still living at home with my parents so I don't have that many financial commitments but I was worrying nevertheless. Anyway, the one day I thought I'd be working turned into 2, which then turned into 4!! So that means 4 days wages next week :-) Then add to that, the guaranteed day and a half I'll be getting the week after and things are starting to look a little more rosy in the garden! :-)

  • The weather...on the whole, it's been another dry and quite sunny week. It makes me feel so much better when I look out and see the sun, and travelling to and from work is much more pleasant when I don't have to battle with an umbrella in the middle of a driving rain shower!

  • Spending time with friends...even if we did just stay in watching Strictly Come Dancing (and Legally Blonde...LOVE that film!), it's always nice to see the guys and catch up with them. Oh, and I received an invitation to my friends L & G's wedding in's about 11 weeks and I can't wait!

  • Shopping...I went to Next Clearance today and bought 2 gorgeous tops and a pair of pumps that might just help me get over my grey high tops that I posted about here plus a birthday present for my friend J. Promise I'll do a post to show them all off in their full glory very soon! Over the weekend, I picked up some cheap Gallo rose from Netto...think I'll definitely be buying more wine from there in the future!

  • Getting my first blog award...many thanks to The Girl of Make Believe for've got a fantastic blog too, and I feel very special to get this :-)

  • The possibility of watching a new series episode of House on Sky 3 later the new series has been shown on Sky 1 which I don't have, I've been denied my new House fix for months now :-( But this weekend, the people at Sky have created a free weekend pass on Sky 3 which means that Sky 3's showing lots of programmes that those mere mortals of us with Freeview don't usually get the chance to watch. And one of them is House!! :-) I know it's only one episode, but hopefully it'll be enough to tide me over until the new series is released on dvd.


  • Tiredness... I can't believe how tired work made me this week...I'd completely forgotten how much it takes out of me, especially at the start of term! Hopefully I'll get into a routine soon though!

  • The Manchester derby result... as a Manchester City fan, I was absolutely GUTTED at the derby result today. Whilst losing 4-3 to Manchester United away from home might not sound like a terrible result (especially as they are the reigning Premier League champions who have had a reasonably good start to the season and we were missing some of our best strikers), the manner of the defeat is what really sticks in my throat. After 90 minutes we were drawing 3-3, and the referee signalled that 4 minutes of additional time would be played. After 94 minutes, we were still drawing 3-3 and the match should have been stopped then and there. But then mysteriously nothing happened. Play continued and deep into the 95th minute, Manchester United scored a late, late winner. So late that 17 seconds later the full time whistle was finally blown and with it, our hopes of a draw were dashed. While Manchester United fans might see me as just a bitter City fan, I am furious about those added 2 minutes which denied us a chance of a draw, and robbed us of our 100% start to the season. As yet, nobody has offered an explanation as to why those 2 extra minutes were added to the match, and I would certainly be interested to hear what the match officials have to say for themselves. So for now, I'll be content with my own theory...that the referee was a secret United fan! ;-)

And that was the week that was! Stay tuned next week for more exciting updates on my life ;-) , some fashion and beauty posts (including my long promised review of my Bourjois bargains), maybe some randomness and anything else that takes my fancy!


  1. Hello, I found you on the 20something bloggers network. Great blog, I'm following you now. Check me out at, Follow me if you like it. I'll add you to my blog roll if you'll add me to yours if you'd like to, let me know.

  2. Really know how you feel about the work situation. I'm living with my parents right now, but it has been terrible for our relationship so I'm moving out in 10 days. And yet.. I'm still only working 3 days a week at a coffee shop at $8 an hour. I am really worried about my finances etc. I'm so happy to hear about your success!

    And I don't know where you call home, but the weather around me has been lovely. Which makes it so much easier to not spend money and just enjoy being outside. :)

  3. Legally Blonde is one of the best movies ever!

  4. I love your highs and lows post! You've got me thinking about how I could do my own maybe....hmmm.....

    I will be back!
    <3 Cole

  5. Nice one, thanks for sharing m'dear :)
    Oof and I'm glad I made the high list!

  6. Miss Peregrin...I totally agree! If I could be any fictional character, there's a good chance I'd be Elle!

    Cole...thank you! I can't claim total credit for the idea though, I've taken inspiration from lots of other bloggers for this post. Also, I've checked your blog out's great to find someone who likes tea and grammar as much as I do!

    Girl of Make Believe...thanks :-) Of course you made the high list, the award really brightened my day and I love your blog!