Saturday, 26 September 2009

Ain't it just the way...

that after being all geared up for a night out in town all week, when it comes to it, I find I've got no energy whatsoever and even the thought of a late night makes me miserable! It's a real pain, as I'd really love to go out with my friend E tonight, but I just can't! What makes it worse is that it was just going to be me and her, so because I'm not going, she 's having to make alternative arrangements. I feel like such a bad friend, as I've said all week that I'd go out even though no one else was, and now it's almost like I'm going back on my word. But I suppose staying in is better than going out and maybe feeling miserable or wanting to come home early...well that's what I'm telling myself anyway! But then again, maybe I could have given it a go. Maybe the music would have livened me up, and I would have felt my old self, and if not, at least I would have been able to say I'd tried... Although, as even getting changed feels like it would have been too much effort, then maybe not!

So what am I going to do instead then? Well...maybe watch a DVD, have a bath, maybe even a glass or two of wine. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older, but nights like this certainly seem to be becoming a lot more appealing lately. I'm all for big nights out for birthdays and even just because, but just not as often any more. Ah, well, c'est la vie I suppose! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend whatever you're it a quiet night in or a wild night out!


  1. Don't worry about it, nights out seem so pointless sometimes.

    Watch Marley & Me, I watched it last night and loved it.

    - Pepper.

  2. More often than not, a night in beats a night out! By the time the weekend comes I'm usually too tired to go out these days. May be getting old before my time!

  3. Pepper...I agree, that's definitely how I felt last Saturday. I've never seen Marl ey and Me but I've heard good things, so I think I'll check it out sometime. Thanks for the recommendation!
    Lisa...yeah, that's how I feel sometimes too! I think I must be getting old before my time!

  4. I know how you feel! I used to live for nights out while I was going to uni but now that I'm married I'm so much happier staying at home with my husband watching telly. As much as I love my friends, a lot of times I just feel too tired to get all dressed up for a big girls night out.