Saturday, 5 September 2009

Fabulous finds!

Today has seemed to be all about finding things...well, at least some of it has anyway! Some of the things I was actively looking for, others I didn't even know were there until I saw them. So, here's my list of what I discovered today:

  • My phone... I discovered this was missing this morning, and whilst I had a pretty good idea where I might have put it, I still had a frantic few minutes of searching before I found it! It had slipped under my drawers but was almost completely hidden (I could only see the corner sticking out!)
  • My shampoo...this had been gone for a couple of weeks, and I didn't have a clue what I'd done with it. I'd even bought some new shampoo and conditioner so I still had two different brands to alternate. Then I pulled out my bed today to check if my phone had fallen down the side and what did I see...yeah, you've guessed it, the missing shampoo! So now I've got even more products to get through lol!
  • Some teaching resources...these were other things that I rediscovered as I was looking for my phone. I was moving some boxes back to the foot of my bed after pushing it back in place when I happened to glance down onto one. There right on top were a writing resource book and a 'circle time' pack as well as other resource sheets that could come in handy at work. I hadn't even realised that I didn't know where they were anymore!
  • Heads for my electric toothbrush...I nipped into the local town with my Mum and sister as they needed to pick up a couple of things. In the first shop we went into, I was just browsing but not really paying that much attention, when I looked up and saw the exact heads that I needed to buy, in a special offer pack! I didn't even realise the shop sold them, and it was pure coincidence I looked up when I did.
  • Cheap make up...this is probably the find I'm most excited about (even though I have loads of make up already!). We were all in a discount clothes shop, and I was in the queue ready to pay (I wasn't buying anything for myself, just paying for something while my mum and sister were browsing elsewhere in the shop) when I noticed the make up section they had. After I paid, I went back to have a proper look and was impressed with what I saw. They had quite a lot of non-brand name make up for about a pound each, but as well, there was also some brand name stuff (Rimmel, Maybelline etc) for not that much more. And the best bit of all was finding Urban Decay lipgloss for 1.50! 1.50! (sorry, my pound sign's not working!) I didn't buy any, but I was definitely tempted and think I'll have to go back soon to stock up!

I love days where you unexpectedly find something good (like a extra banknote in your purse/pocket!) almost makes up for all the bad points of being as disorganised as I am lol! So, now I'm interested...Have you found anything unexpectedly lately? Was it something you'd lost or something you just discovered like me with the make up? What's been your best unexpected find?


  1. I love finding stuff that has been my recent world map! (I'm a nerd) but I was so excited to find it. Thanks for always visiting Cheap Therapy. You're awesome!