Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Clouds and Silver Linings

I've been doing my "Highs and Lows of the Week" posts for quite a while now, but last week I really noticed how closely some of the highs linked with some of the lows...just like clouds and their silver linings (hence the title of this post!). So, for this week at least, my highs will be mixed in with my lows just to remind me that clouds do have their silver linings, and that we can find positives in most situations if we look hard enough!

  • I didn't get the job - As some of you will know I went for a interview last week, for a job that I think would have suited me down to the ground. After the interview, I had mixed feelings about my performance...I thought some of my answers were spot on, but that others were absolutely awful! After around 3 very stressful hours of waiting, I got a call from the headteacher telling me that unfortunately I had been unsuccessful on that occasion. Yes, I was badly disappointed but there was just a glimpse of a silver lining...

Silver Lining

  • But my interview feedback was excellent - As standard, the headteacher gave me feedback and said that my interview had gone very well indeed, and that I'd only just been pipped to the post by the person they'd eventually appointed (who had a great deal of experience) and that it had been a difficult decision. This reassured me that the interview had been better than I'd percieved it and also gave me more confidence to take to other interviews in future. I know I'm nearly there...it's just a case of finding the right job for me!


  • 3 hours of stress whilst waiting to hear if I'd been successsful in my interview...as I mentioned in the previous cloud, I had 3 hours of jangling nerves and butterflies in my tummy whilst I was waiting for THAT call. I'm naturally quite impatient, so every minute was like agony. I tried to keep occupied, so I logged onto Blogger, and whilst I was browsing through my dashboard and I found my silver lining...

Silver Lining

  • I'd won my first giveaway: A few weeks ago Holly from Her Southern Heart was running a week of giveaways. I left comments on her blog to enter, then forgot all about them. But there it was in black and white! I'd won a pair of beautiful earrings courtesy of Holly and Barefoot Maiden! I was so excited, especially as I couldn't remember the last time I'd won anything! So I left a very excited thank you comment on Holly's blog, sent her a very excited email and am now (im)patiently waiting for the earrings to wing their way across the pond! I'm so eager to get them, and will be sure to blog about them when they arrive!


  • I'm no dancer: It was my friend L's hen night on Saturday, so all the girls (and one guy!) headed out to a club called Copacabana in Manchester. As the name suggests, it's a Latin club and included in the package we'd booked for the evening was a 45 minute Latin dance lesson...perfect for L who's been dancing since the age of 3, but a lot more intimidating for me who has 2 left feet and a lack of natural rhythm! Our class was merengue, which was meant to be really simple to pick up and at first things weren't so bad. I picked up the basic footwork with little difficulty, but just when I was feeling pleasantly surprised...reality kicked in! I'm obviously not meant to dance with a partner, as when my friend E and I teamed up, it was murder on the dancefloor (on my part, not E's!) The instructors could see we were having difficulties, so stepped in, which made me feel even worse! I know I needed to relax and loosen up, but I get tense when I'm struggling with something, and dancing with someone unfamilar didn't help matters! Eventually, I got to a point where I could dance with an instructor, but leave me to my own devices and bam...right back to reality! But despite massacring the merengue...

Silver Lining

  • I had a fantastic night, and I'm determined to master the merengue! : Although the dance lesson was a debacle...it didn't stop me from enjoying the rest of the night! We had a gorgeous tapas meal, frozen cocktails and great fun wearing our pink fluffy kitten ears and waving our fluffy wands! We even did some dancing although none of us were brave enough (or had good enough memories!) to put our new found "skills" to the test! I've also gained a new found determination to become a better dancer...there's no way I'm going to let a few steps defeat me lol!

So that was last week...hope you all had a good one, and that this week is shaping up to be fantastic too!


  1. Omg doesn't that drive you mad though?

    "pipped to the post by someone with more experience but you were fab"

    I hate this!!! Can you tell I get it alot lol

    Fab blog though babes xxxx

  2. Congrats for winning the giveaway, its always nice receiving a surprise when you log online.

  3. Love your attitude! Good for you. I'm sure a great job will come along that suits you down to the ground.

  4. Love this post. You are so lucky you got such nice feedback from your interview. I've been on tons where I never heard anything back. That's crushing. I'm glad you had a better experience. Something better will come along meant just for you.

  5. I love this post, it's a really cool idea.
    Sorry about the job but at least you got some good feedback.

  6. That is a shame about the job, but who knows it might work to your advantage in the end (as things often do!) I love how you formatted this, I had never thought of organizing things in a Cloud/Lining way.

  7. Tallulah: Yeah, it does annoy me...I'm only human after all! But I'm trying not to let myself get dragged down into a bad mood so that's why I tried to turn it into a positive!
    Thanks for the compliment, will check out your blog too!

    Leetid: Thanks, it sure is!

    Kirsty: Thanks! I hope so, and I think that staying positive is definitely half the battle!

    Elizabeth: Thank you! :-) I've not really had those kind of experiences with interviews...poor you, they sound horrible! But I absolutely hate it when I apply for jobs, and they don't even acknowledge my application :-( I mean, how long does it take to type a one-line letter or email?! Anyway, going off track...lets hope that those
    perfect jobs come along soon! :-)

    Sarah: Thanks, glad you liked!
    Yeah, it was sad I didn't get it...but I was grateful for the feedback, and not getting means that I'm free to search for other jobs that might even be more perfect for me!

    Luana: Yeah, that's the way I'm trying to think...even if it is difficult at times!
    Thanks...I hadn't ever thought of it too until last week, when the good times seemed to follow/come out of the bad. Glad you liked it!