Monday, 9 November 2009

Highs and Lows of the Week

Can't believe it's Monday already...the weekend went far too quickly! But it is, which means only one thing...that it's time to share my highs and lows of last week!

  • Having a 3 day week: Now I could have been negative and seen my return to work after half term as a bad thing, but I'm not going to. One of the reasons is that I only actually worked on 3 days last week. I had Monday off as the schools didn't go back till Tuesday, and although I was available for work on Friday, I just didn't get a call which meant no work and an early start to my weekend! The second reason that I quite liked work last week was that three of the four classes I worked with were absolutely lovely, and at the end of the day I left the classroom feeling good about myself which is sometimes a rarity!

  • New clothes: I picked up a couple of new tops from Asda last week that I'm planning on wearing for a couple of big nights out that I've got coming up...the joint birthday bash for my friends E and D on Saturday and my friend L's hen do on the Saturday after that. No pictures yet...I'll either do them in my next wardrobe Wednesday or when I've actually worn the tops.

  • Christmas Starbucks: I was so excited when I went in Starbucks on Friday and saw that the red cups were back and the Christmas food and drink ranges were in store. I just had to have a Gingerbread latte and a Cranberry and Orange muffin (both zero guilt on my part!). And they were so good that I was forced to go back yesterday and have another latte and a Christmas Pudding cupcake. I'm already wracking my brains to think of the next time I can go back for another treat!


  • Rain: As I sit and type this it's a lovely sunny day, and I can already see the beginnings of a gorgeous sunset. It's so much better than the almost endless rain we had last week which was horrible. I got soaked on the way to work and then, after getting dried out, proceeded to get drenched again on the way home. Although I used an umbrella, my coat got wet, my trousers got wet and water somehow leaked into my shoes and I ended up with wet feet. Nightmare!! I'm seriously considering buying a pair of wellies so it doesn't happen again!

  • My dodgy immune system: I came down with a cold on Saturday night, which meant I was sniffling then and all day yesterday, and am rather blocked up today. I know I'm lucky that it was over quite quickly and I haven't been that ill, but I hate that annoying feeling where you're not completely well, but not really ill either. It's also my third cold since August, so I think I've already had more than my fair share!

  • The X Factor: I normally love this show but I'm getting really sick of it now due to the fact that the terrible twins are getting through week after week. They can't sing, can't dance and are really annoying and I think it's really unfair that better singers are going out at their expense. And I can't believe that Simon Cowell didn't take the opportunity to get rid of them when they were in the bottom 2 last night! He's been moaning for weeks about how bad they are but failed to do anything about the situation when he had the chance! It does make me seriously consider the rumours that the show has been fixed in favour of them, and if they do get much further, I think I'm going to give up and watch Strictly Come Dancing instead!

So there's my highs and lows. How was last week for you?


  1. I agree with you on the X Factor, I might stop watching it as I am getting sick of watching the good singers go over John and Edward.

  2. thanks for stopping by jules! Last week was a long one for me, but fortunately my nice little weekend getaway helped balance it out. Thank goodness for starbucks too! I love the little red cups, because it means that christmas is on its way ;) hope you have a great upcoming week !!

  3. hi jules! thank you for the nice comment on my last post :) oohhh! new clothes! fun! we had a three day school week last week too so that was nice and relaxing. that's was a high for me too. i'm actually hoping for rain to come (LOL not raining here is a low for me). it's still in the mid-80s fahrenheit here so a nice cooling rain would be most welcome. hope you're feeling better and have a great rest of the week :)

  4. Leetid: I know, I feel that way too!

    Melissa: Glad you had a lovely weekend :-) I can't get enough of the red cups either, and I'm loving the Christmas food range too!

    Michelle: No worries, hope everything is going well for you and your family. Shopping was so much fun and I'm glad you had a relaxing 3 day week too! Hope it's cooled down for you and you've had some rain...some parts of our region have had flooding recently, but luckily we've escaped the worst of it...strangely, there hasn't even been any rain!