Thursday, 17 December 2009

What's-in-my-wardrobe: Sparkling Sequins

So the Christmas season is well and truly upon us, bringing with it lots of parties and other special events. Now like most other girls, I love dressing up but sometimes have those dilemmas about just what to wear and days when there seems to be nothing suitable at all! But in general, I think you can't go wrong with a bit of embellishment and sparkle...especially not at Christmas, and that's why I've chosen to share four of my sequinned pieces today. Some are a bit more understated, whereas others just scream full on glitz and glamour...but they all have that extra bit of sparkle which makes them just a little special (well in my eyes anyway!)

First up is one of my more casual sequinned tops:

Black T-shirt with Gold Sequin Bow detail
I bought this a couple of years ago from the George clothing range at Asda and normally team it with jeans (either skinnies or my high waisted flares) and black heels or knee high boots. I'd usually wear this for socialising with friends and I like the fact that it can be worn for a whole variety of occasions ranging from an informal house party to a night out in town depending on what else I wear it with and how I accessorise it.

Black T-shirt with sequin waistcoat detail
This is another relatively laid back piece which I bought from Primark. At the time I got it, I'd been thinking of buying a sequin waistcoat but was unsure how much wear I'd actually get out of it. Then I saw this at only a fraction of the price and I loved it! It was almost like buying 2 tops for the price of one! I'd style this top in a similar way to the previous t shirt, and again, it's a really versatile piece that I think you could dress up, or even dress down with Converse and a cool jacket or zip up hoodie.

Black All-Over Sequin Shift

This was another George at Asda buy, bought during the last sequin trend a couple of winters ago. I was on the lookout for a sequinned dress, and spotted this at half price in the sale. As well as it being really pretty, I was also attracted by the fact that it was also really light to wear and easy to take off , unlike another dress I'd tried! If I wear it as a dress, I either wear it with black opaques or leggings and some black heels to finish the outfit off. However, as the shift is quite short, I sometimes belt it with a wide waist belt and wear it as a top instead. If I do this I team it with skinny jeans and either heels or knee high boots.

And finally, for a What's-in-my-wardrobe exclusive (nobody apart from my family has seen me wearing this yet!) we have...

All over Sequinned Butterfly Tunic

I bought this from a shop called Select and it was absolutely love at first sight! Plus I must have been fated to have it because there was only one left in my size! This is definitely the glitziest item of clothing I own, and I love it for its sparkle, as well as for its individuality...I haven't seen anything like it in any other shop (although I did see someone wearing it once...lucky I wasn't too!) I also like the fact that it has an all over design...I think it's nice that as much work has gone into the back as the front! As this is such a special dress, I think it deserves to be worn for a special occasion, and I'm planning for it to make its debut at my birthday night out next month. Because it's so detailed, I think I'm going to let it pretty much speak for itself and will probably wear it with my black extra opaques and black ribbon tie heels and just the jewellery I'm wearing in the picture. What do you think?

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my wardrobe...haven't decided what my next post in the series will be yet, so if you've any ideas...let me know!

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