Thursday, 7 January 2010

Be careful what you wish for...

Picture the's a Monday night, the day before your return to work after 2 blissfully lazy weeks off. Lacking motivation at the best of times, you're certainly not enthused about the prospect of an early get up the next morning and the distinct possibility that the classes you'll be teaching that will be excitable, to say the least. Then it starts first only lightly but then heavier and heavier. You turn to your friend and say "Wouldn't it be great if we were off work tomorrow?", knowing full well that it's not going to happen, as only a light covering of 1-2 inches has been forecast, but thinking that it doesn't hurt to wish for it nevertheless.

Fast forward to the next look out of your window and realise that your wish might just have come true. There's a thick covering of snow everywhere, more than you've ever seen in your life and you doubt that you'll be going anywhere. You ring the school that you should be working in to find out that they're closed for the day and after trying to get through to your agency on a number of occasions, you finally make contact and are told to take the day off, "snuggle up and watch telly". Your wish has come've got a snow day and you plan to enjoy every minute of it! Which of course you do!

But then fast forward to 2 days later, and you're starting to get just a little bored! You're on your 3rd snow day and have been filling your days with things you'd usually do on a school night meaning that by the time evening comes round there's nothing to do! Travelling is still problematic...the main roads have been cleared and some buses are running, but walking can be quite tricky and it's freezing outside, meaning that you're pretty much stuck inside :-( Not exactly the fun image you had in mind a couple of days earlier!!

So for me it's definitely a case of being careful what I wish for...I can't deny that things still look beautiful and I SO wanted a snow day but this is just a little too much lol! On a happy note, I'm just going to finish off with some pretty pictures to prove that Manchester really did have 8 inches of snow...we never normally have that much, so I suppose it's no wonder that there's been so much disruption!


  1. Man, I think that looks gorgeous, but brrr! Cold.

    What do you teach, by the way? I teach middle school English.

  2. Our school is icy but not enough to be closed. Too bad! It's good to be back at work, but the novelty may wear off :)

  3. Amy: It is so beautiful, but VERY cold...I had to go inside after taking these as my toes were starting to freeze!

    I'm a supply teacher working in primary schools (ages 3-11)...I actually had some work prebooked,which is unusual for the first week back, but it's all been cancelled because of the snow!

    Kirsty: We're closed for the 4th day it's so cold, the roads are getting icy and the snow isn't going anywhere! I totally agree...I'm getting a bit restless as I've been off for so long, but know that after a couple of weeks in work, I'll be counting down the days till my next holiday! :-)

  4. It's madness isn't it? I managed to finally get my car moving yesterday.
    Going into Liverpool for my B'day night out 2moro, will be frozen!