Saturday, 9 January 2010

2010 Goals: One Week down, 51 to go!

So we're just over a week into the new year, and I think that I might already be off track when it comes to meeting some of my goals! Eeeek! :-( Although, in fairness, I have made a good start with some of the others and we are only a week in after all. So here's a quick summary of how I'm doing so far: (goals in bold, comments in normal type)

  • Pass my driving theory and practical tests

No real progress yet, but I have got another lesson booked for tomorrow...although I'm not 100% sure if it'll take place yet because of the bad weather. I really need to book a date for my theory test ASAP...I think that'll give me the motivation I need to revise for it!

  • Get a long term/permanent job, preferably as a primary school teacher

I had seen a couple of jobs I was interested in, and was intending to contact the schools in question to get application packs off them, but due to the snow this week, they've been closed so I've been unable to make any progress. Fingers crossed they'll be open on Monday so I can make contact then.

  • Be a better friend

I have been in contact with J more this week, but feel I can't really take the credit for it. She's had some time off work and been staying with her parents who live 5 minutes drive away from me so it was only natural that we arranged to meet up. The real challenge will come now that she's gone back home.

  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle

I'd say that I've definitely been more successful with some parts of this goal than others. Due to the fact that my mum's car's been broken down and that the bad weather conditions have affected public transport, I've definitely been doing a lot more walking lately and on days when I haven't, I've made sure I've done an exercise DVD at home. In terms of cutting down on unhealthy snacks, I'd say I've had an epic FAIL this week. I'm a boredom eater and because I've been off work all week, I've been eating, eating, eating. Hopefully, I'll get back into a proper routine once I'm back at work, and don't have time to snack as much.

  • Read at least 2 books a month from start to finish

Despite the fact my bookshelves are full to bursting, I couldn't find a book that made me want to pick it up. So, no doubt due to my new found Sherlock Holmes obsession (that's a whole other post brewing!), I've ordered the complete set of Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories and am looking forward to getting stuck in when they arrive. I'm especially keen to see how the Sherlock in the books compares with how he was portrayed in the film.

  • Cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning

I didn't get off to a very good start with this, partly because I've been unhappy with the way my current skincare products are working so I haven't seen much point in using them. However, a few days ago, I received the "Soap and Glory" skincare sampler set I ordered just after Christmas, so I've been using that for the last couple of days. Expect a full review in a week or two!

So that's my update! I'm not planning on doing one every week, I sense it'd get boring pretty quickly, so I think in future, I'll just aim for one or two a month instead. Hope everyone has a fab weekend and that you have good luck with your goals if you've set any for 2010! :-)


  1. OH MAN. It's so good to feel like you're making progress with things. Well done - and blogging updates is definitely going to spur you (and me too!) on!

  2. I should be a better friend. I feel like I keep in better touch with my blogger friends than my real friends. I should tell them, contact me through my blog :)

  3. Kirsty: Thank you!! I think doing the updates will be a BIG help to me...and if they can help anyone else too, then that's even better!

    Elizabeth: I know what you mean...I think we sometimes take it for granted that our real friends are always going to be there. I feel like doing that too sometimes lol!! :-)