Thursday, 27 August 2009

25 Random Things.......

Thought I'd do something a bit different today, so I'm going to post a list of random things about me! There's going to be for each year of my life lol!
  1. When I was born, I weighed 6lb 12oz, which was the same birthweight as both my mum and dad.
  2. Bad spelling, grammar and punctuation drives me insane...I have an urge to cross out misplaced apostrophes!
  3. I'm scared of lots of particular thunder and lightning, fireworks, loud noises in general and deep water!
  4. I love lime flavoured sweets...the green fruit pastilles, starburst and skittles are all my favourites.
  5. I have worked in the same primary school I attended as a child.
  6. I have a bit of an obsession with even numbers... I try to send texts that have an even number of characters, buy an even number of things when I go shopping etc.
  7. I have lots of books but very rarely read one all the way through...I tend to skip to the end and then decide there's no point in going back to the beginning!
  8. I went to an all girls high school and didn't have a boyfriend until I was 17.
  9. I am a real procrastinator...I leave most things until the very last minute!
  10. I had to have my ears pierced 3 times as the first 2 times they got infected and I had to take the earrings out and let my ears heal.
  11. Other than the UK, the only other country I've ever visited is Spain.
  12. I always wanted to be a bridesmaid as a little girl, but I didn't get the chance until last November, by which point I was a not-so-little 24!
  13. I loved horses when I was little...but when I actually got the chance to ride a pony I hated it!
  14. I once wrote a letter to Jim'll Fix It asking to meet Desert Orchid (a racehorse I was obsessed with) but I never sent it.
  15. I used to be a real early I rarely get out of bed before 8 if I'm left to my own devices
  16. I love murder mystery shows on tv and I have boxsets of Murder She Wrote and Agatha Christie's Poirot.
  17. I love the smell of the wet ground after it rains.
  18. I've wanted to be a teacher off and on since I was a little girl but I also had phases of wanting to be a paediatrician, lab technician, forensic scientist and lawyer as I was growing up.
  19. I'd secretly love to be a private investigator but would be terrible at the job as I'm an awful liar and am not always that discreet or subtle!
  20. In everyday life, I'm not always that confident...but I love being on stage in front of an audience :-)
  21. I taught myself to read just before my 4th birthday, and used to tell my nursery teacher off when she missed parts of a story out to save time (I bet she loved me lol!)
  22. As a result of my reading ability when I was young, researchers from a university visited my school to do reading tests on me.
  23. I seem to pick up lots of bits of random information which come in handy for pub quizzes!
  24. I have terrible hand eye co-ordination and seem to be able to hurt myself in a huge variety of ways...these are probably both down to the fact I have dyspraxia (a co-ordination disorder)
  25. I am a naturally messy person and hate tidying my room...but love the results whenever I do!

And that's my 25!


  1. it was nice learning a little about you :)

  2. We could definitely share a bag of Skittles - green is gross ;)