Saturday, 15 August 2009

Stylish Saturday!

Well, at least I hope so! I know when I restarted the blog, I said there would be some posts about fashion, and I realised today that I hadn't done one yet. So I've decided to do an outfit post for today, my added motivation being that today's the first day since Wednesday when I've felt like my normal self! So without further ado, here's what I'm wearing today:

Strapless lilac checked dress: H and M (This was a real bargain in the sale a few weeks back - I got it for less than half price!)
Black leggings: Peacocks
Grey marl canvas high tops: Primark
As I write this, I'm also wearing a black boyfriend cardi, also from Primark.
You can't really see the jewellery I'm wearing, other than my black strapped watch with a diamante inset dial that I got off my family when they went on holiday a few months ago. I also have on a silver bracelet with "Pandora" style beads that I bought myself from a jewellery party and my gold diamond cluster ring that was my 21st Birthday present off my Mum and Dad.
Finally, I apologise for the poor picture quality. I had to stand on my bed and put my phone on timer to get a full length shot lol!

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