Monday, 9 August 2010

The last thing I...

I'm trying something a bit different today, as I'm seriously running out of things to blog about on a daily basis! So I thought I'd make a list of some of the last things I've done in different categories. So, in no particular order, here are the last things I:

ate: a hobnob and a sport biscuit
drank: a cup of tea (what else?!)
heard: my sisters talking, and the TV in the background
watched: TV programme: The Simpsons
Film: The Blues Brothers
bought: a 21st birthday card for my friend
read: a list of the last things that people had done (on an Internet messageboard)
blogged about: well other than this, it was an update on my Operation August goals list
thought: "I wonder if this blog post is going to be a load of rubbish...??"

How about you?? What were the last things you did? Or what are you doing right now? Let me'd be great to hear from you :-) Till next time...


  1. ate: popcorn
    drank: sweet tea!
    heard: Norah Jones in the background.
    watched: TV programme: It's always Sunny in Philidelphia
    Film: Sherlock Holmes
    bought: groceries at Publix
    read: your entry
    blogged about: moving into my new apartment
    thought: I am so excited for my job

  2. Alexandra: Thanks for playing along!! And good luck with your job!! :-)