Sunday, 22 August 2010

Third time lucky!!

So after 2 days of trying, I've finally got the time to write a proper blog post as opposed to a rushed apology and I'm so relieved :-) Today's post is going to be an update on how I'm doing with my Operation August goals as I've been planning to do for a few days now, and I'm going to fit in the posts that I intended to write on Friday and Saturday at another time. So, now on to the topic at hand: Operation August. We're now over two thirds of the way through the month and I can't believe how fast it's going...only just over a week and it'll be September!! And how am I doing with my goals? Well, I have made some progress but I think I've still got a way to go yet; I can see the next 10 days being really busy ones for me! Here's the breakdown of my progress by category:

  1. I still haven't bought any new DVDs for myself this month, but have made no further progress in getting through my collection either...I'm going to really try to make some headway with this during the week.
  2. No new MP3 player yet, but this is a priority before I go back to work; listening to music makes long bus journeys so much more bearable!!
  3. I've read one book so far this month (The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes from this wonderful set) and am on the lookout for another book to get stuck into.
  4. Last Thursday, I baked a new recipe from my Hummingbird Bakery book and took a couple of photos to go with it...the blog post will be coming soon!!
  5. Since my last goals update, I've watched Toy Story 3 and have got some vague plans to see Inception at some point during the week. No A Team as yet, and I think it might be a challenge to organise a trip, as most of my friends have already seen it.


  1. No outing organised yet...I'm thinking of arranging something for the Bank Holiday Monday which is coming up in just over a week.
  2. Goal achieved!! The weather was kind and allowed my friends and I to watch these films without getting soaked :-) Fingers crossed that we might even be able to watch more films at Spinningfields before the season ends.
  3. This is something that I'm shamefully behind on; another priority for the upcoming week methinks.
  4. No real progress since the last goals catch up...I think I'm definitely going to have to be more proactive and send a few texts/fb messages to those friends who I don't see much of.


  1. No progress...thinking about my career gets me stressed at the moment so I've been (rather foolishly) avoiding it. I know this ian't the best course of action, however, so am resolved to do something about this soon.
  2. I've not done anything about this either. I think my first step is going to be investigating how much demand there would be for Avon products amongst my friends and family, as they'd form the bulk of my customer base.

Mind and Body

  1. Not done...I'm going to have to pre plan and dedicate an evening to this.
  2. This has tailed off since my last goals update... I've tended to spend more time reading outside than walking lol!! Although the scales tell me I've put on a few pounds, so I reckon I need to get back to good habits pretty sharpish.
  3. I've looked into places to visit but haven't really found any new ones that I could get to within a reasonable time so I reckon it'll probably be Manchester again. I've got no idea yet what I'll do though!!
  4. I have looked at evening classes at my local college and nothing really appeals so I'm definitely going to investigate online courses instead.
  5. Not achieved yet, although I have made an appointment for the end of August. Hopefully I'll be fit and well and able to donate, unlike at the last donation session I attended where I was suffering from cold symptoms.
  6. Not done...I am a shameful procrastinator, but in my defence, I know that it'll be an all day job, so I'm waiting for a completely free (hopefully rainy!!) day.
  7. As was true last time my wardrobes have been sorted, but my drawers still haven't.
  8. I'm on track to meet this goal so far...if only just!!
  9. Still not done, mainly because I have lingering doubts about my ability but also because I simply keep forgetting to do it!!

And that's it...August may be slipping away, but I'm still determined to make Operation August a success!! Till next time...

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