Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Yay...I did it!!

Remember right at the beginning of August, when I posted my Operation August goals list? Well, now we're at the end, and I'm pleased to say that this post marks the fact that I've made one of my targets...I've blogged every single day during the month!! That's 31 consecutive posts!! Granted, some of them were very rushed, and not really worth reading, but I'm still pleased that I've managed to keep going and make blogging part of my everyday life. As for how I've done with the other goals...well I'm afraid time is short, so you're just going to have to wait and see!! Suffice it to say that some I've done really well with, and others...well you get the idea!!

Anyway, I'm off out now... so happy Wednesday everyone!! Till next time...


  1. Hi, first time reading your blog. Congratulations! Yay for making goals, big and small, work. I can't wait to start crossing off (or circling, seeing as some things are processes to be continued, but not "finishes" so to speak)some goals on my life list!



  2. love your blog!! i found you through the lovely meg o! I'll definitely be following your adventures!! :)


  3. O.F.C.J: Thank you! Good luck with your goals...I'll definitely check out your blog to see how you're getting on!

  4. Mary Nevin: Awww, thank you...it's always nice to hear that people like what I'm posting!! I'll be sure to check you out too!! :-)