Saturday, 13 June 2009

Weekend part one...

So it's the weekend...and the sun is shining! :-) I don't know about anyone else, but it always adds that extra something to my day!

Anyway, I was meaning to post my weekend plans yesterday, but I didn't get time, so here they are now...hopefully better late than never!

Friday Night
Went to my drama society rehearsal then on to the pub with friends. I arrived home to be greeted by a power cut (!) but luckily the power came back on not long after so I could see what I was doing!

Went to my Grandad's for lunch (my family's Saturday tradition) and then Father's Day shopping with my sisters. We managed to get sorted pretty quickly, except I somehow forgot to buy my dad's card from me, and unfortunately didn't realise till I got home :-( Looks like I 'll be taking another shopping trip sometime before next Sunday!

Saturday Night
Hopefully, I'm going into Manchester with some friends for a mini pub crawl. We did something similar on a night out a few weeks back and had an amazing time, so I'm really looking forward to maybe doing it again. Will post more details later if it goes ahead.

I've got no real plans for Sunday yet...I know I've got some job applications that need doing, so I'll probably spend some time doing those and I've also got my fingers crossed for nice weather so I might be able to get out in the garden or have a walk without getting rained on! I'm aiming for a really relaxing day, before having to get up for the possibility of an early morning call on Monday :-(

Hope everyone else has a fabulous weekend, whatever you're doing! :-)

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