Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Midweek slump...

Maybe it's just because I'm coming towards the end of a tiring and busy school year. Or because I'm trying to do too many job applications at once, and stressing myself out. Or it's the fact that I can never get to bed early enough. Or maybe it's just all 3!! Whatever it is, I'm officially in a slump and I can't believe it's still only Wednesday night. I do know there's people who have to juggle far more than me; I'm not the worst off by any means but I'm still feeling a little bit sorry for myself and I just need to vent!

On the other hand, it's hopefully looking up a bit from here. I'm not working tomorrow morning or at all on Friday, so I should be able to have a bit more rest and have extra time to tackle the dreaded applications too! Fingers crossed that I'll be feeling a little more human then! Rant over... for now! ;-)

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