Friday, 19 June 2009

Weekend Plans

So the weekend's come round again, and I'm definitely glad of it! It looks like it could be quite an eventful one for me; this is the run down of my plans so far:

Friday Night
I'm not going to rehearsal tonight, as I'm helping out at a local youth club instead. I used to volunteer there on a regular basis, and when I gave up to concentrate on my drama group I said that they could call on me if ever they were short staffed. Well, tonight they are! I'm not sure if 'm doing anything afterwards, but it will probably be a quiet night whatever happens.

In the morning, I'll be going to my Grandad's with family as usual, but it will be a little out of the ordinary as it will be his Father's Day lunch. My mum will rustle up something extra special to eat and we'll take his gifts down to him. When I come home, I'll most probably be doing ANOTHER job application and relaxing if I get any time left over!
There are some vague plans for going out in Manchester on Saturday night, but nothing's been decided yet, and after last week's disappointment, I don't really want to get my hopes up too high! If we do go out, I doubt it will be too much of a crazy one because of the events of the next afternoon...

It's Father's Day, so we'll give my Dad his presents and cards and generally make a bit of a fuss of him! I'll probably relax up until the big event of the day (for me, anyway!)...the Race for Life 5K! I'm sure about many of the details yet, but I know it starts at 2:30 and we need to be there an hour before. I'm really excited about it, it's meant to be a great atmosphere, and will post all the details afterwards!
In the evening, we'll have a Father's Day meal with my dad, and that's where my plans end! Hopefully I'll have a nice chilled out end to the weekend, when I can recharge ready for the week ahead :-)

What are everyone else's plans for the weekend? Hope you all have a great time whatever you're doing, and will post again soon!

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