Sunday, 14 June 2009

Weekend part two...

Well, the weekend's nearly over and I can't believe how fast it's gone :-( Anyway, it's time for part 2 of my weekend update and I'll start by saying that things haven't gone exactly to plan since my last post! Unfortunately, the planned night out didn't happen so I improvised and had a girly DVD night in instead. I ate


and watched
I know it wasn't exactly the night I planned, but I had fun anyway! It was a real feel good film and I'd forgotten what fantastic quotes there were in it.

Today went a lot more as planned, except I only got one and a half job applications done instead of the three I was intending! They're just so time consuming, and after a while I just lose all interest! They don't need to be in till Friday but I just didn't want to end up leaving everything till the last minute as normal! Hopefully I 'll have a quiet day or two this week to finish them. I also spent some time in the garden. It was lovely and warm and I almost fell asleep!

For the rest of the evening, I'm planning just to relax and watch TV, maybe have a bath. Nothing too stressful! :-)

Anyway, hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend and has a lovely week ahead! :-)

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